Answers to some things you might be wondering about

What the heck is a "toque?"
A toque is what Canadians call a warm, wooly, winter hat. Apparently this fashion trend started in the early 1800's when fur traders kept their warm nightcaps on during the day for extra warmth. Well, that's what Wikipedia says, anyway.

How do you pronounce toque?
It looks a little funny, but it actually rhymes with "spook".

What are Plumpkin Heads toques made from?
Our little hats are almost always crocheted using Bernat Satin yarn which is a beautifully soft, 100% acrylic yarn that's machine washable and dryable. Patons Astra (also 100% acrylic and machine washable) is also occasionally used in toque creation.

How does the sizing work?
Since all little heads are different, we give you the brim circumference so you can compare it to your own little plumpkin's noggin. A hat with a 16" circumference usually fits up to 12 months, but it all depends on how big that 12-month old's head is. This same size hat has fit the heads of children up to two. Measure to be sure - and remember that the hats stretch nicely.

What are the monkeys made from?
The monkeys are made of different types of yarns. Most are 100% acrylic, but some are wool blends (we call them "fancy pants"). Each individual monkey description will indicate what he/she is made of.

How much is shipping?
Shipping to the United States is $6.50 for one item, and $2.25 for each additional item. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES AND FOR RATES WITHIN CANADA BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER.

How fast will my items be shipped to me?
We use regular airmail which can sometimes take up to two weeks (once we leave our packages at the post office it's out of our control really). If you need to have your item faster than that, please contact us to arrange for a faster (but more expensive) shipping option BEFORE purchasing your item.

Uh, what happens if there's nothing currently available to purchase?
All Plumpkin Heads items are handmade by just one set of hands, so there might not always be hats and monkeys available for purchase. Just keep checking back as new items are added regularly.

Can I place a special order or go on a waiting list?
If you know what you want but don't see it for sale, please click on Special Orders and send us an e-mail. We'll do our best to accommodate you and get a toque or a monkey in your hands as soon as possible.

Can my little plumpkin be featured in your Photo Gallery too?
Sure! Just send us your best shot and we'll include it in our gallery of famous Plumpkin Heads!

How can we get in touch with you?
Just click on Special Orders, fill out the form (no need to include your phone number) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Why doesn't my item look perfect in every way?
Everything Plumpkin Heads sells is made by hand. It doesn't come out of a machine so there will be the odd little imperfection and tiny flaw now and then. It's all part of the charm of handmade items!

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