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<b>GLORIA - SOLD</b>
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Gloria is a colourful monster who always has her eye on the sky. She looks fetching in her festive poncho (which she uses to keep herself toasty warm while she searches the sky for rainbows).

A special request monster.
Item Number: 6

<b>Quacker - SOLD</b>
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Quacker - SOLD$30.00
Quacker, a little baby duck, is flying off to his new home to live with a little baby person!
Item Number: 1

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Lucy (yes, Lucy Goosey, although she hates when people call her that) is a funky little bird all decked out in pink and green camo. She stands just under 12" tall not counting her pink tufted hair, which gives her another inch or so.

Big hair for geese is totally in right now. And Lucy is nothing if not chic.

Soft and cuddly with black embroidered eyes, Lucy also has a ducky little tail that you can't see, as well as a perfectly pouty beak that juts out about an inch and a half from her face. You can see her beak, of course, but the picture just doesn't do it justice.

Lucy has been spending the chilly winter in the wilds of Ontario, and she'd love to wing her way into the warm, cuddly arms of someone who'd love her forever.

Item Number: 014

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